Crony & Lore is a tailor-made interior decorating service offering solutions and guidelines on a one-room base, allowing you your own cost-controlled choices for fast and long term solutions and inspirations. Bookable either on a Berlin/London or alternatively on an international base, each service is prioritising you as an individual in all your facets, creating authentic solutions and inspirations.


With tailor-made plans, packages and tools for redecorating your living and working spaces, Crony & Lore offers in addition unique vintage items to find your eye-catching key-piece as well as home and kitchen items under the Crony & Lore brand.


Graduating with a master in design and exercising for more than a decade now additional economic and legal activities in European, African and Asian countries, I understand quality of life, design and comfort as something non-exclusive, but as a desire that should be accessible to a multitude of people. Crony & Lore reflects my experience of different cultures, incomes and lifestyle; the knowledge on various living and working spaces, financial possibilities and demands we are all facing; the understanding of individual needs, desires and wishes; the social and environmental responsibility we carry and the passion to create an appealing and comforting life